Well, hello there!  We're the love bugs behind this little blog and we go by Ryan & Cheska {Fancy a la Ryan.}.  We enjoy creating things together and this was created to document our creations, adventures, and our thoughts on all things we consider relevant.  We're always armed with a camera and like Polaroid pictures, we're instant fun...at least we think so!


How'd we meet?
We were band geeks together from 3rd-6th grade.  Yes, we go way back!  We never really interacted, but we knew each other.  We went to separate middle schools and history played itself out. She moved overseas and he hung around San Diego.  Many years later, we reunited slightly once during a bonfire.  &&& many years after that, we reconnected via Facebook and caught up with each other. Who would have thought a Chamango would bring us together almost 20 years later?  We're currently attached at the hip and a package deal--inseparable.

Where do you live?
We both currently reside in San Diego.  He's lived here most of his life.  She relocated from San Francisco to continue her education, but can't wait to move back after. 

Do you work? What do you do?
He works as a math tutor and is working towards his credentials so he can be a teacher.  She's a Nursing student.