Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Is there anybody out there?

Well... Is there? The girl has started class and I got out of work early. I am utterly bored without her. I miss her a lot. We've done a lot the past couple months without an update unless you keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. So, to get a quick recap March consisted of return visit from this lovely family who came bearing gifts:

[edit] I was going to recap with pictures. But the positioning of the pictures wasn't cooperating so I decided to just skip it because I'm too lazy to keep messing with it. Plus, if you've found this blog, you more likely follow us on one of the aforementioned social networks.

And now, on to more ranting (prepare for a long one... that's what she said). Working with kids who have fallen behind in class or attend tutoring for enrichment in a subject has made me wonder whether a statement I heard on a podcast is true: Entitlement Generation.

I think it's true. Perhaps I just notice it more since most of the kids that come in have fallen behind rather than those who come to get ahead. And the kids who have fallen behind are generally the kids with the entitlement attitude.

If you're unfamiliar with the term, I just googled it for you: the group born between 1979 and 1994 who believe they are owed certain rights and benefits without further justification (according to

I think this age is still currently going. Maybe I'm using the term loosely and applying to people who feel that they can do as they please. 5th graders with iPhones who give zero effort in school. How is that possible? I highly doubt that a 5th grade, hell maybe even a 10th grade with an iPhone, can afford one as I doubt they've done enough chores at home to save enough money nor worked enough as the legal working age is 16. These same kids are the ones who have fallen behind in class, come to tutoring, and are fixated on their phones during their 1 HOUR SESSION. Really? You can't put down your phone and stop texting so you can actually do your work for an hour? Out of the 24 hours in a day & 168 hours in a week, you can't spare me 1 hour while I try to help you understand a concept you should have learned in school but was too busy, probably on your phone? These are the same kids who give zero effort and ask for constant help every step of the way, in which their homework is basically done for them. Also, who just resort to "I don't get it" or "I need help" even before reading a word problem.

Are these the same people who get pissy because you took the seat that DOESN'T have their name on it, but claim it their seat because that's where they sat in a previous class? I don't know whether these examples classify under entitlement, I don't know how I would categorize it. I just get irked by these kinds of actions. I'm sorry if I've made an assumption and I've offended you.

Maybe I'm just angry with the fact that it's Teacher Appreciation Week (even though I'm not a teacher) and a whole lot of them received pink slips. Oh the irony.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fancy Shoots a Shotgun

So, apparently there's been a lack of updates, but I was going through photos and came across ones where Fancy, Allan, and I went to the shooting range. Not much to say, but check out these pictures and videos:

And check out the video of Fancy Pants shooting a shotgun here.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Biscoff Goodness

A little more than a month ago, one of my classmates introduced me to Biscoff Spread by letting me indulge in a spoonful of goodness.  Biscoff Spread is made from no other than Biscoff cookies--light, crispy, and caramel like graham crackers.  I told Mister B. about it and we immediately went on the hunt for it starting at Walmart then onto Whole Foods, and finally CVS, but we were unsuccessful.  A couple days later, Mister B. went to a Walmart nearby his work and he lucked out and found both these babies.  We put it on bread, Sky Flake crackers, anything and everything you would with peanut butter or Nutella.

The weekend before Mister B. found Biscoff, we had baked Nutella brownie bites--easy and satisfying!

However, the hazelnut flavor from the Nutella didn't stand out as much as we had hoped for.  So, once we got our hands on Biscoff, we already knew that we wanted to try to do the same thing with it--Biscoff bites!  We just replaced the Nutella with Biscoff  and voila, delicious treats in 12 minutes.  &&& they turned out amazing!!  Even the baby sister and my niece inhaled them faster than the Nutella ones.  Be sure to bake them for no longer than 12 minutes at 350 degrees if you want that gooey goodness.

Biscoff spread and cookies can be found in California at Cost Plus World Market, CVS, Fresh & Easy, Lucky Supermarkets, Raley's, Rite Aid, Safeway, Walgreen's, Walmart, and Whole Foods and can also be ordered online.  

Have you tried Biscoff?  If you have, let us know what you think of it or if you've used it in other recipes!

miss b.