Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Juicing, Inspired by Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

My baby sister asked me the other day what I gave up for the Lenten season and I told her I didn't give up anything.  Instead, I'm incorporating juicing back into my lifestyle.  Yes, back.  Last year, Ryan and I did a juice detox after watching the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.  It was inspiring and it definitely made me want to eat better and cleaner and it also made me want to completely eliminate eating processed foods.

During our detox, I posted pictures of my juice concoctions on Facebook and Instagram.  Consequently, friends were intrigued and inspired.  I told them to watch the documentary and after they did, they joined the detox.  One of my girlfriends juiced for 60+ days!  

Why?  We all had our individual reasons.  In the documentary, there was a woman who suffered from chronic migraines and juicing helped her be free of migraines.  That was my motivation.  I suffer from migraines that last from 2-4 days.  It's debilitating and unproductive, especially with Nursing school and clinicals.  After the detox and juicing here and there for a month or so, I did NOT experience any migraines whatsoever.  I was convinced!  I didn't lose any weight like my friends did, but hello...I didn't need to.  Ryan chose to detox for energy.  It was rough for him the first two days, but after that, he did feel a lot more energized and he additionally lost some inches around his waist.  Honey bear looked good!  A girlfriend in Hawaii did her 10-day juice detox to live a healthier lifestyle.  Ever since then or from what I can see on Facebook posts, she juices daily for herself, baby boy, and beau.  In addition, she shops for the freshest ingredients, makes her own oils, grows her own herbs, and cooks every meal using mostly unprocessed items.  She's amazing!  &&& my classmate/friend who juiced for 60+ days, as I recall did it to be off her daily allergy medication and help with her asthma.  She lost 30+ pounds, was able to stay off her allergy meds, her skin cleared up, and she said she felt like she could see better.  I was most impressed with her transformation because you could totally see how happy she was with the results and how juicing is now part of her lifestyle.  It's not hype.

Because I'm a photo-whore and post what I juice for lunch and dinner, I've recently been asked to send people my juicing recipes.  What I can tell you is that my juicing recipes is what you see in the pictures--the types of veggies and fruits.  I used juicing recipes from this website when I started last year, but since then, I juice whatever I have in the fridge and I always incorporate a handful of spinach or kale into every juice cos I like my greens.  BUT before you start juicing and if you haven't watched the documentary, I highly recommend you do so, even if you're just juicing to juice.  Perhaps, it will inspire you to share it with friends or family who could benefit from it.

You can see a compilation of my juicing pictures and recipes here.

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