Wednesday, April 25, 2012 anyone there?

Hello friends and readers!  I have been a crappy blogger and I'm sorry.  &&& I'm apologizing just on my behalf.  Mister B. can apologize on his on for his lack of presence on here.  (^_^)

Life has taken over, well...more like school has taken over.  I'm ecstatic to report that I passed my anxiety-filled Med-Surg 2 class this past March! Since then, I've been at home twiddling my thumbs, catching up on reality shows, and attending an online class. You would think I'd have cabin fever staying at home, but I'm enjoying the down time doing laundry (I find it relaxing), cooking, and just lounging in my house clothes.  I'm gonna relish it all before my crazy schedule becomes all about spending most of my time at school, clinicals, and studying at Lestat's for the next two months.

Any way, this past January, fellow classmates and Mister B. jumped on the Pinterest hype-wagon and suggested I join.  I declined because I knew it would just be another distraction from focusing on class, just like Facebook.  I told Mister B. I would join if and when I pass Med-Surg 2.  I joined a couple days sooner than expected.  &&& I've been addicted ever since!

Hopefully, this post will inspire me to blog more often, as I have totally neglected my Tumblr.  Mister B. and I have some recipe blogs to share as well.  &&& since he and I will be taking our first out-of-town trip this coming July to my home and playground, I'm gonna be sharing some of my fave spots and restos of the city in another post.  Till the next blog post...

miss b.